“Applied Research to Improve The Human Condition”

Our Vision

To make a positive difference in the world by providing amazing biomechanics and ergonomics solutions to
our clients, our partners and ourselves.

Our Mission

To become a leading provider of services, products and research in the field of human biomechanics and ergonomics that make a positive difference in our lives.

At TSI Labs our focus is to provide core research, early product development and commercialization in the field of human biomechanics and ergonomics. Our team includes leaders in academia and industry, who have years of exploring, understanding and synthesizing solutions to real-world problems.

Combining state-of-the-art laboratory testing, simulation, engineering design and development and product commercialization into an accessible, effective package, allows us to develop effective, meaningful and actionable solutions and products. We use our skills and processes both for client projects as well as our own core products, so we know it works.

We look forward to working with you on your next to help you unleash the potential of your ideas.

Locations and Contacts

Markus Hetzler, P.Eng. mhetzler@thumbprintsolutions.com
220 Spinnaker Way
Vaughan, ON L3K 5E5

Steven L. Fischer PhD, R.Kin. steve.fischer@queensu.ca
Queen’s University
Kingston ON